Water created deep in the Earth

Estonian natural mineral water

Haage comes from Estonia, a country valued for its clean air, primaeval forests and abundant lakes. Our natural mineral water is filtered through 500 million-year-old Silurian Ordovician layers, giving it a unique taste and mineral composition. To keep Haage free of additives, water is transferred straight from underground sources to the bottle — remaining completely untouched until you taste it.

We protect the environment and local community culture

We value and protect the natural environment. Our glass bottles are produced in Estonia to ensure sustainable consumption. Supporting Estonian culture is one of our top priorities.

Favoured by restaurants

Haage water’s natural composition and refined taste water are highly valued by Estonian sommeliers and chefs, and even the President of Estonia. We are the preferred choice of Estonia’s top restaurants and bars that appreciate our sleek Nordic design.

The perfect pairing for food and wine

Water is essential for the perfect food experience — just as much as a properly selected wine. Haage comes in both non-sparkling and sparkling varieties, making it the ideal companion for different meals and wines as it sharpens and purifies your taste buds.

Valued by sommeliers and chefs

Restores your vitality

Haanja, which has a higher mineral content, is perfect water for starting the day and spurring the body after a long night. Rich in natural minerals, Haanja stimulates metabolism, helps your body to get rid of waste products and relieves fatigue.

For the balance of your body

The natural minerals in Haage water help to maintain the body’s balance, especially after a hard day or active excercise. The neutral pH level of water supports the metabolic processes and the immune system.

Born out of Estonia’s untouched nature

Haage water comes from the small village, Haage, in Southern Estonia. In addition to its clean air and untouched nature, Estonia has also gained global attention as a leading digital society. Innovation and proximity to nature have always been an inseparable combination in Estonia — and the same goes for Haage water.

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