Water created deep in the Earth

Estonian natural mineral water

The mineral water of Haage comes from Estonia. Estonia is well-known because we have some of the cleanest air in the world, we have over 200 islands and 52% of Estonia is covered with forest. Estonia is located in Northern Europe, specifically in the Baltic States. An interesting fact about Estonia is that our national language, Estonian, is one of the world’s smallest national languages. The reason is that our population is only 1.3 million. In Estonia we have 500 million-year-old Silurian Ordovician layers and that’s where our mineral water comes from. Silurian Ordovician layers are giving to our mineral water a unique taste and mineral composition. To keep Haage’s mineral water free of additives, water is transferred straight from underground sources to the bottle – remaining completely untouched until you taste it. In Estonia, where nature protection is a priority, each sip of Haage’s mineral water offers an unaltered and authentic taste of Estonia’s unspoiled nature. With each bottle of mineral water, you’re not just enjoying mineral water; you’re experiencing a piece of Estonia’s natural heritage.

Born out of Estonia’s untouched nature

Haage water originates from the small village of Haage in Southern Estonia. In addition to its clean air and untouched nature, Estonia has also gained global attention as a leading digital society. The unique juxtaposition of innovation and a deep connection with nature is a hallmark of Estonian identity – a synergy that is also embodied in Haage water. In Haage, where the tranquillity of nature meets cutting-edge technology, the essence of this balance is captured. Haage Water, therefore, represents more than just hydration; it’s a symbol of Estonia’s commitment to blending technological advancement with environmental preservation, reflecting the country’s ethos of harmoniously integrating the modern with the natural.

We protect the environment and local community culture

We value and protect the natural environment. Embracing the rich tapestry of Estonian culture, our commitment extends beyond mere environmental stewardship. In Estonia, where traditional songs echo through time and the vibrant history is interwoven with modern innovation, we align our practices with these cultural values. Mineral water of Haage is available in plastic bottles and in glass bottles, that are produced in Estonia to ensure sustainable consumption. Estonia, a nation where folk dances, ancient festivals, and a deep appreciation for nature are ingrained in the societal fabric, inspires our mission. Our dedication to supporting Estonian culture is intertwined with our passion for providing pure mineral water. Each bottle of our mineral water is not just a product, it’s a reflection of Estonia’s rich heritage. We believe in nurturing both the physical and cultural landscapes of Estonia, ensuring that each sip of our mineral water resonates with the essence of this unique and culturally rich nation.

Favoured by restaurants

Haage’s mineral water, with its naturally balanced mineral composition and nuanced flavor profile, has become a celebrated choice in Estonia’s restaurants. Esteemed sommeliers and chefs, Haage’s mineral water have lauded its ability to complement and elevate a gourmet experience. In the world of fine dining, where every detail is meticulously curated, the choice of mineral water is pivotal. Haage’s unique mineral balance not only enhances the flavors of exquisite dishes but also serves a plate cleanser between courses, making it an indispensable element at the dining table. Furthermore, Haage’s appeal extends beyond its taste. The sleek Nordic design of our bottles resonates with the aesthetic sensibilities of Estonia’s top restaurants and bars, where presentation is as important as flavor. The sophisticated presentation aligns perfectly with the elegant and minimalist decor found in these high-end establishments. In Estonia, where dining is not just about food but an entire cultural experience, the selection of Haage water is a testament to the nation’s appreciation for quality and design. Even President of Estonia values Haage’s mineral water.

The perfect pairing for food and wine

Water is essential for the perfect food experience — just as much as a properly selected wine. Haage comes in both non-sparkling and sparkling varieties, making it the ideal companion for different meals and wines as it sharpens and purifies your taste buds. Haage also has mineral water of Haanja, which is rich in minerals.

Valued by sommeliers and chefs

Restores your vitality

Haanja, which has a higher mineral content, is the perfect water for starting the day and spurring the body after a long night. Rich in natural minerals, Haanja stimulates metabolism, helps your body to get rid of waste products and relieves fatigue. Consuming Haanja in the morning or at any time when rejuvenation is needed can be a simple yet effective way to refresh and reset the body, making it an excellent addition to a healthy daily routine.

For the balance of your body

The natural minerals in Haage water help to maintain the body’s balance, especially after a hard day or active exercise. The neutral pH level of water supports the metabolic processes and the immune system. Mineral water is also important because it helps to regulate body temperature, moisturise mucous membranes, keep digestion running and transport nutrients and oxygen.

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