China International Import Expo 2019

Haage Natural Mineral Water is accompanying Enterprise Estonia at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai from 5-10 November. The expo is a major event devised by President Xi Jinping to boost imports and increase China’s economic growth.

Kai Kreos, Head of the Asia Information Centre at Enterprise Estonia, says that CIIE is a high-level event, as reflected in the fact that it was President Xi Jinping himself who gave the opening address.
CIIE 2019 is the second international trade fair for Haage Natural Mineral Water. The first time the company was represented in China was in spring as part of a joint stand with Enterprise Estonia at the SIAL trade fair in Shanghai, as a result of which we shipped our first container of mineral water to China.
Whereas clean drinking water is something Estonians take for granted, in Asia – and particularly in China – it is a luxury. Our Sales & Marketing Manager Xenia Joost says that it is the purity and high quality of the natural environment in Estonia that makes our products so special in China. It is important that Chinese consumers come to trust products of Estonian origin and that the country has its distinctive mark of quality on foreign markets. Earning such trust requires a long-term, sustainable contribution from both the state and entrepreneurs, and work is being done by Enterprise Estonia in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian embassy with that aim in mind.
In addition to the joint stand at CIIE, a business delegation led by Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik is also visiting Shanghai and Estonian companies are attending business meetings in the city.
Represented at the joint stand at CIIE 2019 are EBM Grupp AS, Haage Joogid OÜ, Saku Õlletehase AS, Tanker Brewery OÜ, Ecotar OÜ, Mayeri Industries AS and Top Connect OÜ.