‘Roots’: Oksana Tandit’s fashion show in Viru bog

Quenching the thirst of the audience and participants at the showcase of Oksana Tandit’s anniversary collection ‘Roots’ in the beautiful natural setting of Viru bog in the heart of Lahemaa National Park on 9 October was Haage Natural Mineral Water. The show brought together fashion, nature and beautiful Estonian music. Taking to the catwalk, which wound its way through the bog, were more than 30 models. The visuals were accompanied by music from Lenna Kuurmaa Trio and Ivar Karm.

Oksana Tandit has been designing clothes for more than 10 years. She shot to fame as the winner of the Supernoova competition in 2004 and was nominated for a Golden Needle award just four years later. In 2010 she registered her own trademark, which bears her name.

The ‘Roots’ collection reflects the 15-year journey the designer has taken in the world of fashion, its colours inspired by Estonian nature.