‘Friend of Culture 2019’ awards
Presented at Proto Invention Factory on 14 February 2020

Photo: Ardo Kaljuvee

Earlier this year, on Valentine’s Day, the Ministry of Culture presented the ‘Friend of Culture’ awards to the recipients of the title for 2019. The main prize in the competition – the overall title of ‘Friend of Culture’ – was shared between Nordic Hotel Forum owner and director Feliks Mägus and the fuel company Olerex. Minister of Culture Tõnis Lukas recognised more than 20 companies and supporters for their contribution to the cultural sphere in 2019.

“The state would like to recognise and thank all of the entrepreneurs and benefactors who continue to have the desire and the means to contribute to the field of culture,” said Minister Lukas. “Culture is what unites us. As such, supporting culture is an opportunity and an obligation we all share. Companies, benefactors and organisers of cultural events all ask, quite justifiably, whether enough motivation is provided to get people to donate to culture. That is why we have once again raised the issue of making donations to the Cultural Endowment of Estonia tax-free and put it on the government’s agenda. I hope this will lead to yet more support for culture in the future.”

In total, 23 companies and benefactors were recognised for the significant financial contributions they made to the organisation of cultural events in 2019. In addition to the two overall winners, a further 21 companies and supporters were recognised: Rimonne Baltic OÜ & Tiina Karjahärm, Valev Väljaots, Spacecom AS, Andre Aavastik & Madis Millistvere, Katrin Förster & ABB AS, Elisa Eesti AS, Toyota Baltic AS, Paavo Lampinen, Kristjan Rahu & the NGO Vöimalus, Kinema OÜ, Peeter Kangur, Eero Nõgene, Arvi Mägin & Floorin AS, AS G4S Eesti, Rickman Trade OÜ, AS LHV Pank, Meelis Lilbok, Haage Joogid OÜ, Advokaadibüroo Cobalt OÜ, Port Artur OÜ and Monica & Ott Kaukver.