How to be flawlessly stylish in the example of the Antonius Fashion Show

Photos: Sadu-Triste Juurikas

The 7th Antonius Fashion Show, organised by the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, showcased ready-to-wear collections of accessories and clothes. The audience bore witness to a new and innovative approach to everyday fashion. The young designers turned particular attention to the fact that what they created should be able to be reproduced to a high degree of quality and hit the shelves in stores straight away.

We were represented at the tasteful evening focussing on the future of Estonian fashion by Kadri Mootse, who says that what makes the Antonius Fashion Show special is its private and cosy atmosphere. She particularly enjoyed seeing what goes on behind the scenes.
Kadri was already familiar with the works of a number of the designers taking part in the fashion show, but was blown away by the new method of presentation, the music and the way the stage and the models worked together. Catching her eye in particular was Malle Soosaar’s VÕIM/POWER collection and the staging concept for it, which Kadri says was incredibly well thought through. She was also impressed by Zack Marqués and his CHILLAX collection with its bold patterns, as well as the Raine Toss collection “I’m real” and its badass models.

In previous years the Antonius Fashion Shows have proven very successful for current trendsetters like Liisa Soolepp, Xenia Joost, Triinu Pungits, Anni Ansmann, Kuul and Layk.

Taking part in the Antonius Fashion Show 2019 were:
Larissa Kondina (Mekoome): Knitted Cityscapes
Siret Esko: Tugev kui teras
Janika Stets: MinimalMe
Woolenky & B’MOR Studio: WUSE
Kerli Koovisk: Härmatis
Raine Toss: I’m real
Annika Vaalma (Etnowerk): [si:] Liina Adamson-Ehte: Middlesex
Jane Aus: BEE
Malle Soosaar: VÕIM/POWER
Sandra Ojamäe: KEEP AN EYE ON ME
Getter Laur: SO NAIVE
Zack Marqués, Mariann Lukka & Sandra Mõõk: CHILLAX by Zack Marqués
Designers from the International Design School in St Petersburg
Markhamat Umarova
Like Look
Angel A