Haage was presented at Estonian Caterers Annual Conference Kas asi on maitses?

On the 18th October, one could probably find every local taste expert at Laitse Graniitvilla, where the Estonian Caterers Annual Conference Kas asi on maitses? took place.

How is it that some food places manage to welcome clients so that when they enter the venue they are fascinated by the hospitality, cosy interior and exquisite flavours? How to reach the level of quality where everything offered by the catering company is highly above average and resembles Arvo Pärt’s creation for the local music scene. How to stand out and what to offer clients so that they return with friends.

These were the topics discussed by speakers Rain Tunger, Kristjan Peäske, Veiko Treumann, Ants Uustalu, Dmitri Haljukov, Rein Kasela and Marko Sõmer.

The purpose of the conference was to raise the standard of both customer service and the choice and quality of the food in Estonian catering companies.