Haage mineral water deemed to be one of the tastiest mineral waters in the world


Haage natural mineral water, originating from a wellbore in Tartu county, was recognised with the superior taste award at Brussel International Taste Institute’s quality and taste test. The jury was composed of 200 members, among them sommeliers and chefs with Michelin stars from 20 countries.

Xenia Joost, export manager for Haage Vesi, says that the award is a recognition of Estonia’s unpolluted nature and its tastes. “We have grown accustomed to the pure and natural tastes of our nature and can sometimes take it for granted. The high scoring results achieved by Haage Mineral Water on the blind taste test reminds us to take pride in our nature,” concluded Joost.

In order to achieve an award from the Brussels International Taste Institute, a product is subject to a blind taste test during which the jury is unaware of the product’s brand, name or country of origin. Taste testers are only given a short description of the product category. Every product is assessed based on its taste and quality through a sensory analysis (AFNOR XP V09A standard). The assessment categories are first impression, looks, aroma, taste and texture for food, and aftertaste for drinks. Every jury member assesses the product individually and silently, while lacking any form of communication with other jury members.

The test is not a competition: every product is assessed on the merit of its own taste and quality. When assessing a product, consumer expectations for that product’s category are considered an important factor. Jury members do not say whether they personally liked the product or not – rather, a list of uniform, set criteria are followed when judging.

Haage Water, after receiving 84.3% in the blind taste test, has the right to bear a quality mark on products and information material aimed at the export of the product (https://www.taste-institute.com/en/awarded-products/product-details/9022483). In 2021, the Institute granted quality and taste certificates to products in 25 different categories.

Haage Natural Mineral Water is housed in a 210 meter deep wellbore in Haage village, Tartu country. Haage Joogid OÜ is a company based on local capital that was created in 2012 and belongs under Silikaat Group.

Additional Information:

Xenia Joost
Export Manager
Haage Joogid OÜ
Phone No.: +372 53002809
E-mail: xenia.joost@haage.ee