Haage @ Tartu Skateschool summer camp

Photos: Liidia Maier

This year, Tartu Skateschool marked its 5th birthday with a summer camp held from 16-20 July: a week of skateboarding fun with youngsters at the skate park in Võru.

The participants came from all over the country and ranged in age from 9-20. Among them were experienced riders and complete beginners. It was a very mixed group, but despite the age differences everyone got on well and gelled as a collective from day one.

The group went skateboarding twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings. They also learned how to film using GoPro cameras and how to put quick clips together, as well as how to design gripping tape with acrylic paints and how to affix the tape to skateboards. During this latter workshop the youngsters got to try their hand at designing the future visuals for the Tartu Skateschool as well, sketching a variety of skateboarding characters on paper.

The beginners also made the most of the opportunity to take part in some group training, trying out skateboarding techniques for the first time under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. In offering the training, Tartu Skateschool sought to make its own contribution to the promotion of skateboarding culture in Võru and to introduce it to young residents of the city and their parents.

The camp culminated in a competition for kids and juniors to determine the best young skateboarders in Southern Estonia. The winners received prize packages from the camp’s sponsors.

The camp was led by Liidia Maier, Jürgen Sarjas, Julia Kaldalu, Silvia Zvirgzdinš, Verner Teder and Kristo Õismets.

The event was supported by House of Marsten, Surfhouse, Haage, GoPro, Tartu Bus Centre, Maiers Group OÜ and the City of Tartu.