HAAGE Natural Mineral Water – the Main Sponsor of the Tartu Song Celebrations

It goes without saying that the 150th anniversary of Estonia’s Song Celebrations is being marked in Tartu, the birthplace of the event, with a song festival.
The main concert on 22 June 2019 will see more than 8500 singers of all ages take to the stage at Tartu’s Song Festival Grounds to perform music by Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Gustav Ernesaks, Miina Härma and many others. HAAGE Natural Mineral Water supports and cares about Estonia’s people and its traditions, and this summer we will officially be the main sponsor of the Song Celebrations.

HAAGE Natural Mineral Water has come up with a special design dedicated to the 150th birthday of the Song Celebrations. We want to make our own personal contribution to ensuring that the cultural history of our singing nation is preserved and developed rather than dying out.

The first all-Estonian song festival took place in Tartu in 1869. The southern city was also where the country’s first university, newspaper, museum and theatre were born.
The Song Celebrations which began all those years ago have been added to the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. They now take place every five years.

The festival is an important link in bringing the nation together – you are unlikely to find a single Estonian who does not hold the Song Celebrations dear. We here at HAAGE want to support our nation and traditions as well so that our culture grows rather than dying out and so that our songs keep holding a special place in our hearts for many years to come.